WSET Level 1 in Wines – Recommended Tasting Samples

Chek our recommended tasting sampBellow you can find our recommended tasting samples that will help your training during WSET Level 1 in Wines course. This is the list we use during our clasroom courses

Module 1 Tasting

White wine – dry Sauvignon Blanc or RieslingLeefield Station Sauvignon Blanc
Rose – dry or medium sweet style made from one of principal varieties or Zinfandel.Château de l’Escarelle Palm
Red – low or medium tannins made from one of principal varietiesLeefield Station Pinot Noir
Red – high levels of tannins made from one of the principal varietiesHeirloom Vineyards Coonawarra Cabernet Sauvignon

Module 2 – Food pairing

White, dry, high acidity, light body, unoakedKurtatsch Pinot Grigio
White, dry, medium or high acidity, medium or full bodied, with oakCycles Gladiator Chardonnay
Red, dry, low in tannin, light bodiedDomaines Chermette Origine Vieilles Vignes
Red, dry, medium or high in tannin, medium bodiedCalmel & Joseph Villa Blanche Syrah
Sister’s Run ”Calvary Hill” Barossa Shiraz
Red, dry, full bodied, high alcoholCycles Gladiator Zinfandel
Heirloom Vineyards Barossa Valley Shiraz
White or rosé wine with medium or sweet levels of sugarOremus Édes Szamorodni