Private wine tastings

We adapt to your particular requirements.

Since wine is one of the best supplier of connections and gatherings, we thought of a special wine tasting event that you can organize for friends, family, colleagues and clients.  

If you’re looking for a fun way to get your friends, clients or team members together, we would love to customize an event just for you. At our venue we can host small group events that encourage conversation and interaction among guests, but our wine instructors can travel to your home or business too.

We are flexible regarding the location, duration of the wine tasting, range of wines and supplies.

We offer events to fit your needs and customized tastings to ensure the best possible experience for your guests. Whether you would like to host a scotch and cigar party, a high-end tequila seminar with food pairings, a four course wine dinner, chef cooking demonstrations with cocktail pairings, or feature mixology created cocktails as the highlight of your event, we have everything to fit your needs.