Professional wine tasting

This advanced course is only for the most dedicated wine tasters.

4 hours



It’s time to step up to a highly professional and complex wine adventure! Join as in the advanced wine appreciation class!

This course has been created to help wine professionals and highly committed wine lovers to develop a deep understanding of the wine tasting techniques.

The Systematic Approach to Tasting (SAT) used by WSET Level 4 (Diploma) concepts and tasting notes will be used during the course.

We will cover some of the most important concepts that constitute the essentials in wine knowledge:

Appearance : color intensity and hue, legs, bubbles, deposits

Aromas : perception thresholds, source of aromas, aroma groups

Palate : supertasters vs. non-tasters, factors influencing taste perception (temperature, chemical, biologic, psychologic), sweetness, acidity, tannins, alcohol, body and texture

Faults : TCA, oxidation, reduction, brettanomyces, VA, geosmin, superficial faults

Quality assessment : fruith health and ripeness, balance, length, intensity, complexity, supporting quality factors (potential to age, typicity, value for money, drinkability)

We will guide you through a tasting of carefully selected ,wines which best represent the concepts explained during the course.

Number of wine tasted : a minimum of eight.

Prior knowledge of wine is highly recommended, however the classes are friendly and relaxed.

The course is designed to last for approximately four hours.

Cost is 500 lei per person.