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Custom courses | Transylvania Wine School

Custom courses

We organize tasting courses for friends, colleagues, wine clubs, restaurants.Assk for details.




There are no mandatory learning setups or strict programs in the art of exploring the wine culture. That is why we  have the freedom and capacity of adapting our courses and formulas to your particularities.

Whether you are are a business with specific requirements, a restaurant, a wine club or a group of friends, the Transylvania Wine School can make an entire course that suits  exclusively your needs.

Courses can be run on a full-day or half-day basis, either weekly or over consecutive days.  Costs will be dependent on the number of people attending.


If you are a restaurant manager/owner and you wish to train your staff on premise we can tailor a program that meets your demands. You can also choose to use your own stock, giving your staff the advantage of gaining a more specific product knowledge.

Costs will be adjusted accordingly.

Private Courses

If you are interested in organizing a class for your colleagues, for a wine club or simply with a group of friends, we can also accommodate your schedule.

To discuss opportunities for custom courses please contact us at: info@trawis.ro