TraWiS offers a wide range of wine related consulting services. It is important to make the right decisions the first time in order to avoid costly change or ongoing difficulties in managing a project. TraWiS can help you make the right decisions at the right time.



Wooden Tank Barrels For Aging Wine At WineryWe are typically approached by new entries in the wine production business. We can help you in site selection, choosing the best equipment providers, label and website designers, develop marketing strategies, and find those with the ability to distribute and sell.





Hotels and restaurants

Man pouring red wine from bottle into a decanter, home kitchen interior, bottles of wine

We offer wine list creation, training for Service And Hospitality Personnel, and various educational courses for wine lovers and trade professionals.









Website Design, creation and Social media programs

We build websites and develop social media programs for wineries, restaurants, specialist wine stores, and more.