Besides the fact that it is the best wine course you can do:

  1. High reputation – WSET has been offering wine courses for over 46 years and has consistently been the world market-leader in wine education.
  2. Global language and international recognition – anyone wishing to work in wine or hospitality outside Romania will find common ground with employers and customers alike through WSET. Holding a WSET certification will be an advantage when applying for a job.
  3. Up to date – all teaching materials are revised periodically, to reflect the latest changes in the world wine industry.
  4. Comprehensive – the student materials comprise everything you need to pass the exam and use as a reference guide in the future. No need to purchase other expensive wine books.
  5. Teaching methods – WSET provides a structured approach, detailed lesson plans and accessories to ensure that students get the most out of the lectures and don’t waste their time.
  6. Qualified teachers – all WSET lecturers have either passed the WSET Diploma or WSET Level 3, or are qualified and experienced winemakers.
  7. International wines – the wine courses are primarily focused on wines around the world with the vast majority of samples coming from outside of Romania
  8. Suitable for professionals and enthusiasts – although WSET courses were designed for people from the wine industry, any wine-lover will gain a huge amount of knowledge and satisfaction from completing one of WSET courses.
  9. Rigorous – all exams are designed and marked in London, United Kingdom. This means that your qualification is unbiased, impartial and on a balance with others around the world.
  10.  Planning for the future – if you are interested in continuing your wine studies, ultimately ending up as a Master of Wine, then WSET is the direct route for all further studies.